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Wholesale Hacker Basic


A basic version of the Wholesale Hacker CRM, allowing you to manage your team, contacts, and leads with built in automation for lead capture, follow up, task creation, and SMS/email communication.

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Category: System - Basic
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The Wholesale Hacker CRM for investors in the early stages of wholesaling and real estate investing.

Wholesale Hacker Basic includes the following features to kick-start your business:

  • Set up your team and organize contacts
  • Automatically capture leads from your different marketing sources
  • Manage your leads by instantly contacting them via text and email with the click of a button
  • Automate follow up with SMS and Email drip campaigns for your leads

Don’t let potential deals slip through the cracks due to lead management! Increase your volume, automate your follow up, and grow your business.

Wholesale Hacker Basic provides the initial functions necessary for your real-estate investing CRM system. For a completely automated system which includes sending offers, creating and managing deals and closings, enhanced follow up, and KPI tracking, check out the Wholesale Hacker Pro and Enterprise models here:

Wholesale Hacker Pro

Wholesale Hacker Enterprise

Note: At this time, we are not able to upgrade a Wholesale Hacker Basic system to either Pro or Enterprise. However, if you’d like to move to one of the advanced models, we will credit 50% of your Wholesale Hacker Basic payment to the purchase of Pro or Enterprise.

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