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Check out videos we recorded to show you how the features actually work. These videos portray all the features based on one, random lead (not an actual lead, a random address was chosen.) We HIGHLY recommend watching these videos to get a feel for what Wholesale Hacker can offer your business.

Building Your Team & Scaling Your Business

Our system allows you to…

  • Have all team members on 1 workspace for FREE
  • Automatically delegate critical tasks
  • Keep track of which tasks are being completed/not completed
  • Your team can fully communicate, chat, and collaborate on Podio’s platform EASILY

Direct Mail Campaigns & Marketing Success Tracking

Our system allows you to…

  • Schedule your mailing campaign so you never forget to send them again
  • Up to 6 mailings per campaign
  • Send mailing lists & PDF letters/postcards to your mail provider
  • Track which mailers provide a higher ROI than others

Automated Lead Generation, Property Info, and Comps

Our system allows you to…

  • Integrate ALL of your lead sources (website, bandit signs, cold call, etc.)
  • Leads will automatically be created in your CRM as they call/contact you
  • Automatically capture property info (beds/baths/sq.ft/year built/etc.)
  • Automatically see recently sold comps in the area

Automated Follow Up & Drip Campaigns

Our system allows you to…

  • Automated SMS, Email, and Ringless Voicemail Drip Campaigns
  • Set the drip campaign schedule and let the machine do the follow up for you
  • Set a follow up date so you never lose track of a lead
  • Build unlimited drip campaign templates for each type of lead with a tailored message (pre-foreclosure, probate, high equity, etc.)

Lead Management & Max Allowable Offer Calculation

Our system allows you to…

  • Track the stage of every lead
  • Send individual SMS messages and emails to your lead from within the platform
  • Immediately determine your MAO (Maximum allowable offer)
  • Be faster, and better than your competition

Schedule Property Tours & Import Photos

Our system allows you to…

  • Schedule appointments within Podio
  • Automatically link it to your Google Calendar (or your acquisitions manager’s calendar)
  • Store property photos within Podio
  • Link the photos to the lead for easy record & access

Sending Offers (All Cash, Owner Financing, & Subject To)

Our system allows you to…

  • 3 built in offers to use – All Cash, Owner Financing, Subject To
  • Customizable upon request
  • Send the contracts for eSignature from within our system
  • Send the contract via physical mail to the owner, from within our system

Marketing Your Deals To Buyers

Our system allows you to…

  • Email information about the property to individual buyers
  • Email information to a group of buyers (ex. VIP List)
  • Property photos can be included in email
  • Integrate MailChimp with Podio for enhanced performance

Sending Assignment Contracts & Scheduling Closings

Our system allows you to…

  • Generate 3 selling contracts (2 different assignments, 1 double close contract) – built in and ready to go!
  • Customizable upon request
  • Send the contracts to your buyers for eSignature
  • Schedule closing times & locations for your deal

Business Metrics, Open Tasks, & Calendar Schedule

Our system allows you to…

  • Create a home dashboard for important company metrics
  • Track your information in real time, easily, in one place
  • Generate company reports
  • See your open tasks every day and get to work immediately!

Automatically Track Your KPIs

Our system allows you to…

  • Create a new tracking campaign for each marketing number
  • Automatically track the performance of each campaign
  • Automatically track metrics – cost per lead, cost per appointment, etc.
  • Master your marketing and maximize your ROI!

Connect Your Cold Calling Team

Our system allows you to…

  • Built in Cold Calling Webform Script
  • Customizable upon request
  • Simple form for your cold callers to use
  • Webform submission AUTOMATICALLY creates a lead in Podio

Ringless Voicemail Drip Campaigns

Our system allows you to…

  • Set up unlimited ringless voicemails
  • Schedule when they will be sent for each lead
  • Set and forget – let the RVMs be delivered for you
  • All inbound calls will be logged in Podio

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