Custom Development

Do you need help?

Are you looking for personal customizations to your Wholesale Hacker system?

One huge benefit of purchasing your system outright instead of a rigid annual subscription is that you can take the system in any direction that you want it! Customization, and further additions to your system can be done, and they can be POWERFUL!

When it comes to customization, since you own the system, you’ve got a couple of options:

You choose

The choice is totally yours. If you decide you want to have us build your custom work, we can definitely do that. You will need to schedule a 1 hour scoping meeting with us, so that we can sit down with you and properly define the scope of your project, and how it will work within your system.



We do our scoping sessions in increments of 1 hour, and charge $125 per hour to scope. After we have the custom work defined, we will simply provide you a quote with what the custom job will cost, the timeline for how long we think it will take to complete, and what information we need from you to proceed. 25% of your scoping meeting fees will be credited to the invoice of the custom work, if you decide to proceed.

Select the amount of hours you need below, and then proceed to check out.  Once bought, we will be in contact to set up your scoping meeting: