A Real Estate CRM Created BY Investors FOR Investors

Are You Marketing For Real Estate Deals Without an Automated System for Follow up and Closing??

If so…you are wasting money!!

This system is built for those who want to do more deals, using less time, with no huge monthly fee.

Why Wholesale Hacker?

Features to Automate Your Business and Close Deals

Imagine being able to do EVERYTHING that you see below just by clicking a couple of buttons on your phone or computer! You Can!!


Scheduled Marketing and Track KPIs

Property Analysis

Estimates, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Size, History, etc…

Automatic Lead In-Take

Calls and Texts. Website Submissions


Send offers and assigment contracts

Automatic CRM

Customized Email and Text Drip campaigns

Market All Deals

Share property info and financials

Tasks & Reminders

Add Team members, Delegate tasks

All in one communication

Built in email and text message platform

Evaluate the numbers

Estimates repairs. Generates initial offer and MAO

See for yourself what Wholesale Hacker can do for you