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Wholesale Hacker Add-On: Cold Calling App


Cold Calling App add-on for Wholesale Hacker Pro systems, providing a webform for Cold Callers to submit qualified leads directly to Wholesale Hacker’s Leads App.

SKU: WHColdCallingApp

Expand your marketing efficiency with a Cold Calling App that provides you and your cold callers with a webform to instantly capture the prospects you’re dialing as new, qualified leads in your CRM.

The webform provided by the Cold Calling App provides a customizable script your team can use while dialing and a simple form to quickly capture the information from the seller. A single button click sends that information directly to your CRM’s Leads App where you can fully manage and nurture it to a deal.

Because the app provides a URL for the webform, your cold calling team does not need access to your Podio system to use this! You can use any external dialing service you’d like to make the calls and capture all the information you need automatically into your Wholesale Hacker CRM.

(The Cold Calling App is included in the Wholesale Hacker Enterprise system.)


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