SkipTracing List Submission

Let's get started SkipTracing your list!

In order to ensure the highest accuracy and quality of the skip tracing, you will need to provide the following information for each property owner that you want to skip trace:

  1.  First Name
  2.  Last Name
  3.  Mailing Street Address (i.e. 123 Main Street)
  4.  Mailing City (i.e. Charlotte)
  5.  Mailing State (i.e. NC)
  6.  Mailing Zip Code (i.e. 28208)

Each piece of information needs to be in it’s own column.

Please download the excel file below and put your data inside the file, and save it to your computer.

Make sure to save your file as .CSV File

Click here to download our SkipTrace Template

Enter your information below:

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