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Congratulations On Taking The Next Step in Automating Your Business with Wholesale Hacker Pro!

Only 1 payment of $1079!  Once it’s paid, no monthly payments from us, the system is 100% yours!

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1 Payment of $1079

  1. This is only 1 payment of $1079.  After that, you no longer have to pay us a dime (unless we have agreed on custom work for your system)!
  2. By paying this invoice, you agree to not resell, redistribute, reprocess, or in any way convey this system or parts of this system to others for free or for payment, without the written permission of Queen City Home Buying LLC.
  3. Should such transfer occur, Queen City Home Buying LLC is entitled to all revenue of said transaction.
  4. By purchasing this system, Queen City Home Buying LLC agrees not to put any claim on real estate transactions that occur within your system, and you agree to hold Queen City Home Buying LLC harmless of any and all legal matters pertaining to the real estate business you are operating.
  5. If you cancel the automated payments before the system is fully paid off, your system will be deleted.  You are held responsible for any and all loss of data, should this occur.

We look forward to doing business with you!