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Below is where you provide the information we need to build your system and integrate the third-party services that you use for your business. Also, you’ll find information about those services and links to sign up for any that you don’t already have an account for.

While a Premium Podio subscription is required for us to build your system, all other third-party options serve one or more functions within the system, so it is recommended that you sign up for the services so we can connect them. You’ll then have the option to take advantage of those functions within your system if you choose.

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    Only the owner of the Podio Organization needs Podio Premium ($24/mo)

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    You only need the standard subscription ($12/mo)

    Rightsignature requires an Account Name to log in now - please go to your account to find this

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    You can use a FREE account for this subscription

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    If you use a different web host, enter your info and specify the hosting site to log in to and your site URL below

    If using a host other than InvestorCarrot, we will review and contact you regarding this integration

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    This is a FREE account with an option to purchase a dedicated number ($3.50/mo)

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    Please have at least 1 phone number created and set up in your VOIP for us to integrate

    By default we integrate up to 12 numbers, and will connect everything if you have less than 12. If you have more than 12, or you do not want all 12 numbers integrated, please specify which you would like us to connect below

    For additional numbers (more than 12), please note in the area above and we'll reach out

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    Podio – We build your personal Wholesale Hacker workspace on the Podio platform which allows you and our team to customize your system virtually any way you’d like. You’ll need a “Premium” Podio account ($24/mo) for access to Globiflow, which is the back-end programming interface we use to build your automations

    Click Here For Podio

    RightSignature – The preferred eSignature platform used for sending contracts to sellers and buyers for electronic document signing. Rightsignature is owned by the same company as Podio and integrates seamlessly with your Wholesale Hacker system.

    Click Here For RightSignature

    Zapier – A third party connection tool that helps with integrated several services with Podio, including InvestorCarrot and Lob.

    Click Here For Zapier

    InvestorCarrot Website – The most common web host for real estate investing and wholesale businesses. InvestorCarrot sites use forms that integrate through zapier and send your lead submissions directly to your CRM.

    Click Here For Investor Carrot

    ClickSend SMS – Used for sending texts in/out of Podio. We use this on drip campaigns and also individual texts. Purchase a dedicated number for only $3.50/mo so that you ALWAYS use the same number when texting in/out of Podio! Clicksend is also owned by the same company as Podio and allows for instant integration and reliable functionality.

    Click Here For ClickSend SMS

    VoIP (Phone) Service – Your Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system provides the different phone numbers you use for your marketing systems. We integrate with either Vumber or CallRail and have built-in automation to capture any leads calling the numbers in your VoIP service (i.e. bandit signs, cold calling, RVMs, letters, etc.).

    Click Here For Vumber

    Click Here For Call Rail

    Lob – Used for sending our contracts via USPS . The account is free, but you will be required to list a payment method to allow for shipping charges of the letters you send.

    Click Here For Lob