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Congratulations on making this investment in your business! Soon, you will have the power of automation and high functioning organization at your fingertips.

First, we need to build that for you. In order for us to build that for you, we need to gather the required information we need to get it set up.

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO FILL ALL OF THE INFORMATION OUT CORRECTLY – the #1 reason for delayed builds is due to information being incorrect or incomplete, and we must continue to go back to the client for info. If you complete it correctly the first time, there should be no delays on our end!

What information will be needed, what is it used for, and how do I get it?

Podio – Our platform is build on Podio, so we will build yours there too. You need the $24/mo version (Podio Premium), which comes with Globiflow

Click Here For Podio

RightSignature – Our eSignature platform used for sending contracts for eSignature ($12/mo if billed annually)

Click Here For RightSignature

Zapier – We use Zapier to integrate InvestorCarrot and Lob (Free version of Zapier will do)

Click Here For Zapier

InvestorCarrot Website – Used for bringing in leads via your website (optional)

Click Here For Investor Carrot

ClickSend SMS – Used for sending texts in/out of Podio. We use this on drip campaigns and also individual texts. Purchase a dedicated number for only $3.50/mo so that you ALWAYS use the same number when texting in/out of Podio!

Click Here For ClickSend SMS

VoIP Service – We recommend Call Rail or Vumber. This is the main bridge between your marketing and our system. Put these phone numbers on your marketing (bandit signs, cold calling, RVMs, letters, etc.) and whenever they are called…BOOM a new lead!! (Subscription varies based on service purchased)

Click Here For Vumber

Click Here For Call Rail

Lob – Used for sending our contracts via USPS by the click of a button!! The account is free, but you will be required to list a payment method. You will be charged shipping whoever you mail a contract.

Click Here For Lob

Zillow API – Used for pulling ALL of the property info automatically!!

Click Here to Get Your Zillow API Key, and follow the instructions in the pictures below

Step 1
Step 2

Now…after getting the info from above, please fill it in to our webform below.

Wholesale Hacker - Information Collection

  • You will need Podio Premium ($24/mo) - One Seat Only
  • You only need the $15/mo version (Enter N/A in both fields if you are not going to use RightSignature integration)
  • You can use the FREE account for this subscription.
  • If you do not use a website, put N/A in both fields. If you use a website from a different provider, put the username & password for that provider in these fields, and enter the website host in the field below, along with the URL of your website. (i.e. WordPress, Wix, etc.) (i.e. - We will see if that is integratabtle with Podio.
  • This is a free account. If you opt to have a dedicated number through ClickSend (recommended, $3.50/mo) enter it in the option space in the next field.
  • Enter the name of which VoIP Service you use (i.e. Vumber or Call Rail)
  • Vumber or Call Rail are the most compatible, and recommend systems for this service. Please have atleast 1 phone number named & set up in the system for us to build the integration for you. If you have SPECIFIC phone numbers you want integrated, note them in the field below.
  • Note: Integration of up to 12 phone numbers is included with the purchase. Any additional phone numbers will be billed separately, or will be responsibility of the client to integrate.
  • On Lob, we will need you to: 1) Insert a Credit Card as a payment method, 2) Authorize your email account, and 3) insert your mailing address in the below field.
  • It'll look something like X1-ZWz1gylefoo5cb_4wzn5
  • (Only input the information if you purchased the Enterprise package, otherwise put "N/A")