Video Demos – Old

Check out videos we recorded to show you how the features actually work.  These videos portray all the features based on one, random lead (not an actual lead, a random address was chosen.)

We HIGHLY recommend watching these videos to get a feel for what Wholesale Hacker can offer your business.

         Video 1 – Building Your Team & Scaling Your Business

Video 2 – Direct Mail Campaigns & Marketing Success Tracking

Video 3 – Automated Lead Generation, Property Info, and Comps

Video 4 – Automated CRM & Drip Campaigns

Video 5 – Lead Management & Max Allowable Offer Calculation

Video 6 – Schedule Property Tours & Import Photos

Video 7 – Sending Offers (All Cash, Owner Financing, & Subject To)

Video 8 – Marketing Your Deals To Buyers

Video 9 – Sending Assignment Contracts & Scheduling Closings

Video 10 – Business Metrics, Open Tasks, & Calendar Schedule

Video 11 – Automatically Track Your KPIs

Video 12 – Connect Your Cold Calling Team

Video 13 – Ringless Voicemail Drip Campaigns

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