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For only $89.99/mo you can join our continued service plan to make sure you are always covered! (see below)

We are excited to integrate your contracts into your new Wholesale Hacker Automation system!  Please send the contracts that you have decided you want built into your Podio system to and we will review them.

Please note that not all contracts can be built directly into Globiflow, due to formatting restrictions.  For example, 1-2 page contracts built on Microsoft Word or PDFs work just fine built directly into Globiflow.  However, highly formatted contracts (i.e. Realtor contracts, TREC, contracts with pictures or specific images, etc.) must be built as templates on RightSignature.

The $12/mo version of RightSignature comes with the ability of creating 1 reusable template.  Once we review your contracts, we will be able to better describe the best method of getting your contracts built within Podio.

— The Wholesale Hacker Team

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Continued Support Plan:

Wholesale Hacker is an extremely well built, highly efficient Podio based CRM system.  We offer this building service so that our clients don’t have to subscribe to $3,000/year from our competitors.  With the 1 time fee, we are building your workspace and supporting you for 30 days while you get up and running.  We understand that many clients want the peace of mind knowing that the builders are still around for support, if they need it.  We are unable to do that for every client with just the one time fee, so we have developed our low cost continued support plan.

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